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FCJO (Flight Crew Jobs Online) is an online resource for aviation personnel, it provides with the most current information available for aviation jobs, education and employment opportunities in the United States and other countries.

FCJO website advises its members which airlines or other aircraft related companies are hiring flight crews and/or other aviation personnel. Whenever an airline or aviation related company contacts FCJO with job openings, FCJO posts the jobs with detailed description and contact info on the online jobs board (temporarily down). If the hiring company requirement is urgent, FCJO searches the database and contact all qualified applicants that meet the job specifications by phone or email alert.

FCJO provides free lead to corporations, airlines and other aviation related companies requesting crewmembers or associated airline personnel. This policy encourages employers to contact FCJO when they are hiring new aviation personnel. Our members have landed (no pun intended) Pilot jobs from Cessna 152’s to Boeing 747’s, and the placing of qualified Flight Crew, Flight Attendants, Fixed Wing Pilots, Dispatchers, A&P Mechanics, Rotor Wing Pilots, Flight Engineers, Loadmasters, Flight & Ground Instructors are just a sample of aviation related jobs available at FCJO. Job listings are kept on current jobs board for at least 30 days. Archive of jobs older than 30 days is available in the members area. Aviation Industry provides one of the best careers in the 21st century, with competitive pay, freedom, short work hours, and other benefits it's really one of the best jobs you can get.

Here are some sample testimonials:

"Thanks FCJO! I just got my first job flying as a Traffic Watch Pilot in New Jersey with only 300 hours total time" Ahmed Eslam, Commercial Pilot

"FCJO - Your web based service is excellent. I have received a number of qualified replies from pilots with investment background interested in the position we posted. Thanks for the help and best of luck for continued success." Edward Furtak, President - Trafalgar Securities Limited 

"The information I received from your jobs board has directly led to, not only my previous job flying Lear 20's at Cherry Air, but my current position as a B-747 First Officer with Tower Air. FCJO has been an invaluable investment. Thanks!" Chuck Timberlake, Pilot

"Thanks, your service definitely placed me with the contacts I needed" Kimberly Weston, Crew Scheduler

"FCJO is a truly customized online service. Domestic as well as International aviation opportunities allow each individual to weigh in immediately with their qualifications and target their employment goals efficiently. Thanks FCJO!" J. R. Smith, Part 121 Airline Crewmember and Instructor

"Thanks a lot! I quickly found my first job as a Flight Attendant after being an FCJO member for only three days." Flight Attendant, Chautauqua Airlines

"FCJO’s assistance to us in the recruitment of potential applicants has been extremely helpful." Rogier Polderman, Recruitment Director - Interscalades Management